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The Lab

WinPhoS group is equipped with suitable software and equipment for the conduction of research through simulation and experimental characterization of Photonic based Integrated Circuits, Systems and Networks. Each division within the group is staffed by highly skilled personnel with varying experience ranging between Senior Researcher and MSc Students. For the accommodation of the different research areas, WinPhos is constantly investing in the expansion and upgrade of existing infrastructure with the inclusion of new tools that enable more in depth analysis of optical and electrical signals. The lab is able to handle packaged and non-packaged optoelectronic chips and 5G equipment.

To date WinPhoS is equipped with the following equipment:


  • Lumerical for electromagnetic simulations
  • VPI for system level setups
  • Zemax for free space setups
  • Synopsis and Nazca software for GDSII design
  • Network performance analysis simulators for large scale Data Center and HPC networks based on Omnet++ platform
simulation figure

Intensive Simulations are running on a Mini HPC cluster composed of:

  • 8 workstations
  • 160 cores
  • 960 GB RAM
data center

Data Center Network Performance analysis are running on a Mellanox based fat tree network with 7.76 Tbps capacity featuring:

  • 7 Mellanox L1/L2/L3 switches based on Spectrum and Switch-X(2) ASICs
  • 224 SFP+ ports
  • 48 SFP28 ports
  • 88 QSFP ports
  • 8 QSFP28 ports
  • 15 servers equipped with SFP+ Network Interface Cards
  • Mellanox Blue Whale Network Processor

Optical & Experimental Infrastructure:

  • Testbed for characterization of circuits and chips for optical interconnects at up to 80GHz
  • Testbed for 5G wireless transmission at V-band (60GHz)
  • Testbed for High Capacity Coherent transmission at up to 60 Gbaud
  • Probe station with photonic VNA for @ up to 50GHz S-parameter extraction
  • Automated probe station for passive chip characterization
  • Wire bonder for packaging of chips
  • FPGA boards featuring high speed transceivers (electrical & optical (SFP+, QSFP28,…) up to 100Gbps

Contact Us

  • Wireless and Photonic Systems and Networks Research Group
  • Balkan Center, Building A
  • 10th klm Thessalonikis - Thermis
  • 57001 - Greece
  • +30 2310 990588
  • +30 2310 990589

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