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Our researcher Mr. Stelios Pitris successfully defended his PhD thesis on "Silicon Photonics for Routing and Transceiver Systems in WDM Chip-to-Chip Optical Interconnects" on May 21st 2020.

Our researcher Mr. Miltiadis Moralis-Pegios successfully defended his PhD thesis on "Silicon-based Photonic Integrated Circuits and High-Capacity Switching Systems for DataCenters Interconnects" on June 11th 2020.

WinPhoS Research Group had a strong technical presence (remotely) in CLEO2020 with 3 papers!

Our contributed talks & papers covered a great variety of technical subjects such as:

  • Neuromorphic photonics
    • Photonic Recurrent Neural Networks with Gating Circuit (JTU2C.8)
  • Integrated photonic memories
    • Non-volatile integrated photonic memory using GST phase change material on a fully etched Si3N4/SiO2 waveguide (STh3R.4)
  • Integrated plasmo-photonic biosensors
    • Plasmonic-assisted Mach-Zehnder Interferometric photonic sensor using aluminum waveguides (JTh2B.12)

Find more on the Conference Proceedings.

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