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Presentations in the field of Disaggregated DCs and Optical Interconnects:

  • Photonics for Disaggregated DCs and Computercom (Seminar at Tyndall, 2018) [link]
  • Disaggregated Data Center Technologies and Architectures (Lecture at Summerschool 2018) [link]

Presentations in the field of 5G fiber-wireless networks:

  • 5G-PHOS Overview Presentation (Invited talk at EuCNC 2018) [link]

Presentations in the field of Plasmonics:

  • CMOS plasmonics integrated with SiN (Invited Talk at ICTON 2018) [link]
  • CMOS Plasmonics Co-integrated with Photonics for Biosensing and On-chip Communication Applications (Invited Talk at NN 2017) [link]

Presentations in the field of Optical RAM and CAM memories:

  • Optical RAM and CAM architectures for Disintegrated Computing and High-speed Routing Applications (Invited talk at ICTON 2018) [link]
  • Integrated Optical RAMs and CAMs for Disintegrated Computing & High-end Routing Applications (Seminar Lecture at MIT 2018) [link]
  • Optical Memory & Interconnect technologies for next-generation computing (Seminar Lecture at Yale 2016) [link]
  • Optical Interconnects for Chip Multi-Processors (Lecture at Summerschool 2014) [link]

Contact Us

  • Wireless and Photonic Systems and Networks Research Group
  • Balkan Center, Building A
  • 10th klm Thessalonikis - Thermis
  • 57001 - Greece
  • +30 2310 990588
  • +30 2310 990589

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