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The final review of H2020 MOICANA project was held on 26th of October 2021 via teleconference. The outcomes of this research collaborative effort are listed in this press release:

WinPhoS Research Group at OFC Conference 2021: We are really proud to have 4 papers accepted for oral presentation at OFC Conference 2021! With a total number of 4 papers submitted, this means a 100% success ratio! Congratulations to all our members and our collaborators for their hard work!

The papers to be presented are:

1. Theoni Alexoudi et al, “20 Gb/s WDM Optical RAM Row Architecture based on four Monolithic Integrated InP Memory Cells”

2. Chris Vagionas et al, “Lossless Silicon Photonic ROADM based on a Si3N4 platform and a Monolithically Integrated Erbium Doped Amplifier” (jointly with the group of Sonia Garcia Blanco from University of Twente and LioniX International)

3. George Mourgias-Alexandris et al, “A Silicon Photonic Coherent Neuron with 10GMAC/sec processing line-rate” (jointly with the group of Frederic Gardes from the University of Southampton and the group of Tasos Tefas from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

4. E. Ruggeri et al, “4×10 Gb/s WDM Fiber Wireless multi-IFoF Reconfigurable Fronthaul using a low-loss Si3N4 ROADM for mmWave 5G” (jointly with LioniX International)

WinPhos is excited to start working in two new H2020 research projects that have just started in the fields of photonic sensors and neuromorphic photonics!

  1. GRACED: ’Ultra-compact, low-cost plasmo-photonic bimodal multiplexing sensor platforms as part of a holistic solution for food quality monitoring”, which is a new 3.5-year collaborative project coordinated by CyRIC and targeting the development of novel sensor platforms suited for monitoring the quality and safety of food products. GRACED brings together fourteen leading academic and research institutes and companies from eight different countries. Its kick-off meeting was held virtually on January 15th.
  2. SIPHOG: “Advanced GeSi components for next-generation silicon photonics applications”, again a 3.5-year collaborative project coordinated by IMEC and targeting the deployment of GeSi modules towards an advanced silicon photonic platform. WinPhos’ role will emphasize on the demonstration of novel neuromorphic architectures and the validation of this new photonic platform in neural network applications. The kick-off was held virtually on January 14th.

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