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2nd Workshop on “Neuromorphic photonics and applications”

Following the first successful workshop on Neuromorphic Photonics , the 2nd workshop on “Neuromorphic photonics and applications” is organized by three EU funded projects (NEoteRIC H2020PROMETHEUS Horizon EuropePlasmoniAC H2020) and its goal is to bring together all research groups around the globe that are currently active in neuromorphic photonics. The workshop will take place in Athens during 13th and 14th of July 2023, more details can be found here:


1st workshop on Neuromoprhic Photonics

The 1st workshop on Neuromoprhic Photonics was successfully carried out on December 6-7 2021 with high industrial participation and insightful presentations from prestigious universities around the world.

WinPhoS research group members, Lamprini Damakoudi and Antonios Prapas, attended the 9th ePIXfab - the European Silicon Photonics Alliance Summer School organised and hosted by CORNERSTONE at the University of Southampton, in June 24-28, 2024.

During the school, our members had the chance to attend a series of presentations by experts in the field of photonics, to take part in laboratory and clean room tours and to present part of their work on the AMBROSIA and GATEPOST projects in the poster session.

We are excited to announce that the seminar on PIC (Photonic Integrated Circuit) Mask Design is going to begin tomorrow on premises! This intensive program is designed to provide participants with hands-on experience and deep insights into the world of photonic integrated circuits design. Over the course of the seminars, attendees will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge regarding fabrication methods, mask design software and .gds files creation.

Start: 2nd July 2024 - 10:00 EET


Meeting ID: 924 0228 8394

Passcode: 145026

The AMBROSIA partners met in Barcelona, Spain during a two day meeting on 7-8 March 2024 organized by ICN2. All partners had the opportunity to present their work and discuss progress and issues. A comprehensive plan for the next six months was also mentioned, before the partners meet again for the next Consortium meeting.

WinPhoS research group member and visiting lecturer at the Dep. of Informatics at the Univ. of Western Macedonia, Dr. Chris Vagionas, received the prestigious Fulbright Visiting Scholarship 2023-2024 to act as a visiting scholar at the Department of Material Science and Engineering of the University of Maryland during the winter semester between Sep. – Dec. 2023.

Dr. Vagionas’ scholarship was entitled “Vespucci – IC, Non-VolatilE materialS and Photonic memory elements for Ultra-fast optical Computing and Communication applICations”, focusing on designing, integrating, characterizing and demonstrating Electrically Programmable Non-Volatile Silicon Photonic Memory Arrays based on Sb2Se3 Phase Change Materials.

His scholarship intensified a prior collaboration of WinPhoS Research group with the group of Prof. Carlos Rios Ocampo at University of Maryland and Prof. Nathan Youngblood at University of Pittsburg focused on photonic (computational) memories: tunable nanophotonics for data storage and computing. Dr’ Vagionas scholarship forms the ideal complementarity between Materials Sciences and Photonic Integration of the U.S. with the Computing and Communications Sciences of WinPhoS research group, promoting bilateral exchange of knowledge and strengthening the bonds between the three aspiring young academics and investigators.

Fulbright in Greece (https://www.fulbright.gr/en/) provides up to 10 scholarships (only) to Greek professors and researchers of any discipline on an annual basis, to conduct research and lectures at US universities, to promote mutual understanding and long-term research collaborations, with Dr. Vagionas ranking among the top ten to receive the scholarship for 2023-2024.

Many thanks to Prof. Carlos Rios and Prof. Nathan Youngblood for the excellent collaboration and to the UMD’s PhD team members Chuanyu Lian and Sun Hongyi for the great hospitality and fun time in the lab!

Dr. Agapi Mesodiakaki presented our group's work entitled "An Optimized Medium-Transparent MAC Protocol for Multi-service FIWI 5G Transport Networks" in GC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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